Our Mission

Simply put, we want to improve The Game.
Technology has become a powerful tool for sports. It has improved athletic training, advanced injury prevention and recovery, and raised the bar on competition However, much of this technology is confined to labs or computers. At Soliton, our goal is to provide on-the-ground information for baseball people. Such tools belong on the field, not a hard drive.


StarTrack is a real-time, in-game player tracking system.  At present, most information on in-game player performance relies on the observation and opinion of coaches, scouts, and medical staff. By recording the actions of all players throughout the course of a game, StarTrack provides accurate, definitive information in a way that can quickly address medical issues, improve player performance, and enable higher team competitiveness.

StarTrack's most powerful application is fielding. Few effective fielding measurements exist, and the evaluation of a player's skills is largely dependent on opinion. This system provides information that accurately measures specific on-field player skills, making information on fielding prowess comparable to existing statistics on pitching and hitting. It also provides "group information" by measuring interactions between players--knowledge essential for team development.

In addition, StarTrack has the ability to record in-game player mechanics. Lab simulations cannot recreate the stress, intensity, and unexpectedness of game situations. Real-time information on pitching and hitting mechanics will enable coaching and medical staff to better understand and correct on-field player issues.

Our system is highly flexible. Rather than simply providing a "standard" set of measurements, we encourage collaboration with organizations, and can adapt StarTrack to fulfill specific requirements.

With its new way of thinking about and understanding The Game, StarTrack will raise competitiveness to a whole new level.

Our Team

Meredith Wills

Meredith Wills is a Ph.D. astrophysicist with twenty years of NASA research experience. She possesses considerable baseball expertise, and has been honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown. Wills' science and technology background, coupled with her intimate knowledge of the game, have resulted in the development of StarTrack.

Will Carroll

Will Carroll is America's trusted source for sports injury news and analysis. Called "the industry standard" by Peter Gammons, Carroll's extensive experience with cutting-edge sports technology makes him an invaluable resource.

Lance Jones

Lance Jones is a veteran technologist with over two decades of experience building high-performance data acquisition and analysis systems for industry, academia, and scientific research.  His past clients include FedEx, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Purdue University, and IBM.